Come Peacock Bass Fishing with Steve McDonald, a Florida Native!

A South Florida peacock bass fishing trip with a professional bass fishing guide is a blast! We specialize in guiding for peacock bass in the Miami lakes and canals and for trophy largemouth bass in the Florida everglades. We also offer Miami fishing charters and Lake Okeechobee bass fishing trips.

The South Florida peacock bass has become just as much a sought after gamefish here as its native cousin the largemouth bass and is a formidable adversary to say the least! South Florida is the only place in the continental U.S.A. that you can catch the mighty peacock bass. Another added bonus about fishing for South Florida peacock bass is that you do not have to rise at the crack of dawn to be successful in catching this fish as they feed most during the middle of the day. The butterfly peacock bass could possibly be the best fighting fish in freshwater pound for pound, thus giving you excitement fish after fish all day long. Itís not uncommon for anglers to catch 15-20 peacock bass in one day full day on the water. A butterfly peacock bass fishing trip will be an adventure you will want to share with others. Bring a couple of friends along with you to South Florida and fish for the peacock bass in the safety and security of the United States. The wildlife that you will experience down here will be one of a kind and will beckon you back for more. Florida peacock bass fishing is a blast at any time of the year so make sure and add it to your next vacation itinerary when traveling to the South Florida area.

Anglers come from all over the world to experience peacock bass fishing here in South Florida so why trek all the way to the Amazon to catch a butterfly peacock bass? There is no other Florida bass fishing charter service that is more dedicated than us and we just flat out love bass fishing. At Bassmaster Guide Service we pride ourselves on being South Florida's premier bass fishing guide service. When you book a South Florida bass fishing trip or Miami bass fishing charter with us our team of South Florida Bass Fishing Guides will work hard to insure you a bass fishing trip unlike any other. So, whether you are coming down to South Florida to do some peacock bass fishing or if you are in search of a trophy largemouth bass in the Florida Everglades or on Lake Okeechobee we guarantee you that we will work our hardest to make sure that you have the Florida bass fishing trip that you have been hearing about.

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South Florida Everglades Bass Fishing with Steve McDonald, , a Florida Native!

Bass fishing in the Florida everglades is a once in a lifetime experience. Here you will experience first hand the true habitat of the South Florida Everglades largemouth bass. You will see lots of alligators, exotic birds like the great blue heron, and best of all are the trophy sized largemouth bass!

By about 1932 marine biologists as well as anglers had realized that largemouth bass in peninsular Florida grew to a larger size and had different coloration than their northern counterparts. These differences along with some other physical characteristics were used to classify Florida the largemouth bass as a distinct subspecies in 1949. Florida strain largemouth bass have been widely introduced throughout the nation because of their potential for producing trophy-size fish. However, native populations of this subspecies are unique only to the central and southern portions of the Florida peninsula. This includes Lake Okeechobee and the Florida everglades specifically. As a result the Florida largemouth bass represents a natural resource that is both biologically unique and economically valuable.

Here in sunny South Florida, we enjoy world class largemouth bass fishing year round. Whether it is up on Lake Okeechobee or in the canals of the Florida Everglades, there is always a bass fishing adventure ready for you here in our region. The state record currently for a largemouth bass is 17.27 pounds. The fish was caught in an unnamed lake in Polk County, Florida back in 1986. We see lots of bass over 10 pounds come from the big "O" and 30 pound 5 fish stringers are caught every day in the canals of the Florida Everglades. Our fishery is alive and well and will be here for years to come.

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